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What is Paneer | How to make Paneer

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

What is Paneer ?

Paneer is an Indian cheese. It looks like Tofu and tastes like Mozzarella cheese. Paneer is great source of protein for vegetarians in India. Majority of the Indians do not eat beef and pork. And a considerable number of the population are vegetarians due to religious reasons in India. Paneer is one of the most common ingredient in Northern Indian cuisine. Some of the popular Indian dishes made with paneer are Paneer tikka masala ( grilled paneer and veggies in a creamy red sauce), Paneer butter masala (paneer cooked in butter and creamy sauce), Paneer mutter (paneer and green peas curry), Kadai paneer (spicy paneer curry).

How to make Paneer

Utensils required

Heavy bottomed pot



Big bowl

Cheese cloth


8 cups whole milk

4 tablespoons lemon juice


1. Place a heavy bottomed pot on the stove. Add 8 cups of whole milk in the pot.

2. Switch the stove and heat the milk in medium heat. Bring the milk to a boil.

3. Once the milk boils reduce the heat.

4. Add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice into the milk.

5. Keep the heat in low and stir the milk to avoid burning. The milk will start to curdle and the whey water will separate from the milk solids.

6. When the milk has fully curdled the whey water will look like lemonade at this stage switch off the heat.

7. Line a colander with cheese cloth and place the colander in a large bowl.

8. Pour the curdled milk in the colander and let it cool down.

9. Once it cools down squeeze the cheese cloth to remove the excess whey water from milk solids.

10. Press the milk solids in the cheese cloth into an oval shape. And place a heavy flat skillet on it.

11. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

12. After 30 minutes open the cheese cloth and take the Paneer.

13. Cut the paneer into small cubes and use it to create your favorite Paneer dish

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