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Hello! My name is Santhoshi, I am a wife, mom and a very passionate cook! Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by cooking. I used to watch my mom cook and it was like watching magic happen right in front of your eyes. My childhood dream was to start an Indian restaurant. So I wanted to go to culinary school to pursue my passion. Sometimes things don't work out like how we want them to. I had go to an Engineering college instead of Culinary school. So I did my Chemical engineering and got a degree. And than I got married to a wonderful Man, had two kids. My life as a stay at home mom of two energetic boys was very busy. I didn't have time to think about my passion. But still some where in  my heart there was a small flame still holding up and reminding me of my childhood dream. So I decided to go to a community college for a 4 days course to learn cooking. The four days course brought a lot of joy and happiness to me. That gave me an idea to start teaching cooking classes. So I applied to teach Indian cooking at the same community college. But my application was rejected. They said they did not have an opening for an Indian cooking instructor. I was disappointed again. I still didn't want to give up. So I decided to teach Indian cooking classes from my Home.                                           






















 In March 2015, I hosted my very first cooking class. Two lovely ladies signed up for the class. I was very excited and nervous at the same time. They came into my house with a big smile. They said that it was their first time signing up for an Indian cooking class. These two strangers trusted me to teach Indian cooking to them, that gave me confidence. I felt that it was my responsibility to give them the best Indian cooking experience. Though I have never taught a cooking class before in my life, I felt I was ready to do it. I explained to them the dishes we were going to make for the class.  I was trying to teach them and stay calm but I was very scared inside. But the two ladies were very sweet and assured me that I was doing a good job and were very patient. Finally we cooked the dishes and they loved the food! One of them wrote me an email the next day and appreciated me for doing a good job. Her name is Chris Zimmerman. We are still family friends. Gradually people started to hear about my cooking classes. I gained experience along the way. My cooking class was featured on Charlotte Observer ,  I did cooking segments on Local TV channels and my cooking class was mentioned on Tripadvisor  as one of the fun activities to do in Fort Mill, SC. I cherish all the wonderful memories in my cooking class journey and looking forward to making many more memories in the future! 

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Cooking class Charlotte NC
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