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Why do Indian restaurants serve Fennel seeds after the meal?

Updated: Mar 16

You might have noticed that Indian restaurants serve sugar coated fennel seeds with the bill or check. Have you wondered why they do that?

Why do Indian restaurants in Charlotte serve fennel seeds
Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds have a wide range of medicinal values. One of the main benefits of fennel seeds is it's ability to aid with digestion and relive gassiness. It's a common practice in India to chew some fennel seeds after a heavy meal. On Sunday's my Mom used to make Chicken biryani ( Basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices, herbs and fresh chicken meat in one pot) , fried fish , hard boiled egg etc. After having that heavy meal we would chew some fennel seeds to help our body to digest the food. The fennel seeds have a licorice sweet taste. As a kid I used to love chewing the sweet fennel seeds. And a few minutes after eating the seeds you get a burp which makes you feel much better after a large meal. There are many more Indian herbs and spices which are good for our health.

In our cuisine we use a wide variety of spices in our everyday cooking. And most of them have medicinal values. These spices give great flavor to the dishes and at the same time they help to improve our health!

Indian spices
Indian spice box

Fenugreek Seeds - This is a small yellow seed which tastes very bitter. Fenugreek seeds are used in dishes made with tamarind juice, to balance the sourness. Some studies show that fenugreek seeds help to lower blood sugar level in people with type 2 diabetes. Consuming fenugreek seeds is believed help lower the abdominal cramps in women during menstrual periods. And fenugreek seeds also help to increase the milk production in breast feeding Moms.

Cumin seeds - These tiny seeds are used in a variety of Indian dishes. The most common health benefit of Cumin seeds is it helps to regulate digestion. In southern India there is a State called Kerala. People in Kerala make cumin water for daily consumption. It's fairly simple to make cumin water. Boil water in a pot and add some cumin seeds in it. The water turns yellow in color. Cumin water is considered very good for our digestive health.

Black pepper - This is a very popular spice which is widely used all over the world. Black pepper is a common spice used in Indian households to treat common cold and cough. Some studies show that black pepper has Cancer preventing properties. I do not have any evidence to prove it! But I know one thing for sure, Black pepper is a humble spice which can make a dish taste great effortlessly!

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