"No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing" - Julia Child 


      Welcome to Santhoshi's Kitchen! Come in and explore the various aromatic spices and herbs used in Indian cuisine. Santhoshi's Kitchen is a one stop for all your Indian food cravings.I teach Indian cooking classes to help you create a healthy & delicious Indian meal. We offer Indian meal kits delivered right to your door. And we also make Santhoshi's savory tomato chutney  which is sold in 16 states in America.

The experience of cooking Indian food at Santhoshi's Kitchen

At Santhoshi's Kitchen you can custom make your cooking class to fit in your schedule. You can choose the date, time and menu for your class. We will give you the  hands on experience you always wanted from a cooking class. You will learn to fold the perfect Samosas, knead the dough for Rotis (flat wheat bread ) , skewer the veggies & meat and make delicious curry sauce all by yourself. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions. In our cooking class we are dedicated to give you the best experience possible. 


Non- vegetarian options at our cooking class

Chicken tikka masala is the most popular item on the menu. There is no big surprise there, because Chicken tikka masala is an icon for Indian food. You have other options like Butter chicken which is chicken cooked in a creamy butter sauce, Chicken 65 - marinated and deep fried bite size chicken pieces,  Chicken korma - chicken cooked in a yellow coconut curry,  Goat Vindaloo is a spicy goat curry. These are some of the non vegetarian options we offer at our cooking class.


Vegetarian options at our cooking class

You can enjoy a delicious three course vegetarian meal at our cooking class. For starters you can try our Samosa -deep fried pastry stuffed with flavorful potato filling, Gobi 65 - Cauliflower florets dipped in masala batter and deep fried, Aloo channa chaat - potato and chickpeas salad to name few. Our main course options are Paneer tikka masala (grilled Indian cheese and veggies in creamy yellow sauce), Paneer butter masala ( Indian cheese cooked in butter sauce) Dhal Makhani (red beans cooked in creamy sauce)etc. and for desserts we have Kheer (rice cooked in sweetened milk with raisins and cashew nuts) Kesari (Cream of wheat pudding) and Carrot halwa(shredded carrots cooked in milk, butter, nuts and sugar) 

Vegan options at our cooking class

Like our vegetarian options we have many vegan dishes to choose from our cooking class menu. The vegan starters include Masal vadai (chickpeas fritters), Samosa -deep fried pastry stuffed with flavorful potato filling, Gobi 65 - Cauliflower florets dipped in masala batter and deep fried, Aloo channa chaat - potato and chickpeas salad etc. For main course we have Channa masala (chickpeas curry) , Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower masala) vegetable korma (veggies cooked in coconut sauce) etc. You can make the same desserts under the vegetarian options in which you can substitute coconut butter for regular butter.

Spice level options at our cooking class

You can also pick the spice level for your dishes. We offer mild , medium and spicy options. If you love Indian food but not a big fan of spicy dishes, this cooking class is your best choice! 


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