Cooking class Liability Waiver Form 


Dear Student, 

Our team at Santhoshi's Kitchen is dedicated to culinary education and is proud to have an outstanding facility.  Our classes are intended for your education and enjoyment. All food must be consumed in class and will not be sent home with students. Although classes are conducted under the direction and supervision of the Instructor, food is prepared by the students participating in class.

Because culinary activities can present risks, Santhoshi's Kitchen depends on you to use your good judgment and reasonable care for your own safety and the safety of others.  Please follow the directions of the instructor carefully. If you have any questions, about your ability to safely follow any instruction you are given, please immediately alert the instructor or a staff member.

By signing this form, you acknowledge, agree, and understand that your participation is voluntary and you assume the risks associated with the culinary activity in which you will be participating.  Such risks may include, but are not limited to, physical injury, foodborne illness, contraction of viruses from other participants, allergic reaction (as Santhoshi's Kitchen is not allergen-free) or other harm. You and you alone, are solely responsible for taking proper care to limit your risk of injury or harm.

All photos taken in class may be used for marketing purposes.

Thank you for your interest and commitment and we hope you enjoy your experience at Santhoshi's kitchen.

Thanks for submitting!