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Santhoshi's Savory Tomato Chutney 

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Idli (steamed rice cake) served with Thakkali thokku (tomato chutney) is my most favorite Southern Indian breakfast.  "Thakkali" means tomato and "Thokku" means chutney in "Tamil"( my native language) . My Mom used to make this Yummy tomato chutney, mix it with rice to make tomato rice and pack it for school lunch. I absolutely loved  this particular lunch and my friends did too! Every time I take the tomato rice to school my friends would eat most of it! I follow my Mom's recipe to make this delicious tomato chutney. Some of my family members and friends suggested that I should make this chutney and sell in local stores. So I decide to give it a try. 

                             I had no idea about where to start and who to contact to sell my tomato chutney commercially. So I did research on Google and "Voila" all my questions were answered. Now came the tough part, I had to reach out to the local stores and ask if they would like to try my tomato chutney. At this point I did not have a jar or label for my product. I just had an idea to make this product. I was obviously very nervous and frightened to call. A lot of questions crossed my mind... "What if they laugh at me?" , "What if they think I am crazy?" "What if they hang up the phone?"  "What if they ..........." 

                                         Finally I decided to make the call anyway. The very first store I contacted was The Peach Stand in Fort Mill, SC. I spoke to the manager,  told her about my idea to make the tomato chutney and asked if she was willing taste my product. To my pleasant surprise she said Yes! I was jumping with joy inside but kept my cool in my voice and thanked her for agreeing to try my product. So I made some tomato chutney, filled it in a tiny mason jar and took it to The Peach Stand. The manager tried my product and said she liked it. I was shocked and rejoiced at the same time. I gained confidence so I started reaching out more local stores.  Some of the very first stores that accepted to carry my tomato chutney are Beverly's Gourmet foods located in Charlotte, Provisions Waxhaw located in Waxhaw etc. I started making Santhoshi's Savory Tomato chutney in 2016. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to be able to make this tomato chutney for my customers. I want each and every jar of my product to convey my love and passion for Indian food. So that when you buy a tomato chutney jar and taste my product you can feel the love. 



                                                                                                                  Santhoshi Radhakrishnan

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